SEO training: “Local SEO without a website”

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How do you ensure that your company is properly found during and after this corona crisis? If you don’t have a website and you don’t want a website, no problem! Sign up now for the SEO training: “Local SEO without a website”

What are we going to do in the SEO training?

We will ensure that you are better found locally. How? By activating an x ​​number of things that help you in local SEO. During the SEO training we take you digital and tell you exactly what to do. If you find this interesting, but do have a website. Then follow the SEO training: “Local SEO with website”

What can you expect from this SEO course?

If you want to arrange something about SEO, you have to go to SchoutenSEO! We are the best SEO consultancy in the Netherlands, who will support you with your local SEO by: activeren activating certain platforms

  • learning tips & tricks
  • being available all day *

* except for the night hours, because we must of course sleep to keep our resistance optimal and stay fresh so that we can give good advice.

What does the training cost: “Local SEO without a website”?

We offer this personal SEO training temporarily for € 250 excl. VAT.

Interested in the SEO training: “Local SEO without a website”?

Do you want to make progress during the corona crisis, so that as soon as social contact is allowed again, the terrace, the restaurant or your agenda will be fully booked again? Please contact SchoutenSEO on 06 – 20 34 63 07 or via  [email protected] . TIP: When you contact us by email, it is useful to mention your company name in the email!

Isn’t this the SEO course you’re looking for?

In addition to this training, we also offer the following training courses:

  • SEO training “Optimizing content within 3 weeks and generating more turnover?”
  • SEO training: Local SEO with site

Do you not want to follow SEO training?

But if you want to know more about the SEO services of SchoutenSEO, click here!