Optimize your content and generate more turnover within 3 weeks!

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Do you want your website to be found well after this corona crisis? Or have you wanted that for some time?
Then grab your chance and register now for the SEO training:
“Optimize your content within 3 weeks and generate more turnover!”

What are we going to do in the SEO training: “Generate more turnover within 3 weeks”?

The next three weeks we will do everything in collaboration with you to make your content as optimal as possible or as good as possible! Whether you have a WordPress, Wix or Magento website, it doesn’t matter ?

Week 1: Content analysis

In the first week of the training, we will make a content analysis of your website at SchoutenSEO. If you want to know more about the content analysis of SchoutenSEO, click here! As soon as this content analysis is ready, we will discuss it with you via a Skype or Google Hangouts meeting.

IMPORTANT: It is a training from a distance, you can do it from anywhere in the Netherlands or abroad, at any time you want!

Week 2 & 3: Optimize content

Based on the content analysis, an action plan for the next 2 weeks is made!
This action plan contains an x ​​number of actions that you must take to optimize your content. Which actions are these? No idea, because every website is different and therefore there is no standard action list!

In short: it is really a customized SEO service, a service specific to your website, webshop or blog.

What can you expect from this SEO course?

SchoutenSEO is the best SEO company in the Netherlands, which will help you in the next three weeks to optimize your SEO content and to teach you more about SEO copywriting.
In addition, we provide the following:

  • a content analysis specific to your website
  • an action plan with implementation documents
  • SEO content coach
  • extra coaching documents
  • available all day *

* except for the night hours, because we must of course sleep to keep our resistance optimal and stay fresh so that we can give good advice.

What does the training cost: “Generate more turnover within 3 weeks?”

It is a tailor-made SEO training so we cannot calculate a standard price.
We cannot ask a freelance with a small website as much as a multinational with a webshop of thousands of pages!

Interested in this SEO training?

Do you want to make progress during this hectic period, so that as soon as social contact is allowed again, you are ready to book appointments again or can finish enough jobs again?

Please contact SchoutenSEO on 06 – 20 34 63 07 or via  [email protected] .

TIP: When you contact us by email, it is useful to mention your website in the email!

Isn’t this the SEO course you’re looking for?

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  • Multiple training courses will follow!

Do you not want to follow SEO training?

But if you want to know more about the SEO services of SchoutenSEO, click here!