SEO training: “Local SEO with website”

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Make sure that your company is found locally during and after this corona crisis. You have a website and social media channels, but are you not yet found locally? Sign up now for the SEO training: “Local SEO with website”

What will we do in the SEO training?

In this SEO training we will ensure that your website and social media channels are found better locally. How? To be found locally, an x ​​number of things need to be activated. During the training we take you step by step through this process and you can ask questions at any time if something is not clear.

Are you interested? But don’t you have a website?
Then follow the SEO training: “Local SEO without a website”

What can you expect from the SEO training: “Local SEO with website”?

This is a more extensive training than the training: “Local SEO without a website”. We are going a few steps further here! We will also make your website locally SEO proof. In this SEO training:

  • you will be introduced to major platforms
  • you will be taught how to write and/or optimize local content
  • you will be taught tips & tricks.

In addition, we are available all day long for any questions or comments.

What does the SEO training cost?

We offer this personal SEO training temporarily for € ???,- excl. VAT.

Interested in the SEO training: “Local SEO with website”?

Making progress during this corona crisis! Please contact SchoutenSEO via 06 – 20 34 63 07 or via [email protected].

TIP: When you contact us by e-mail, it is useful to mention your company name, website and social media channels in the e-mail!

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