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Do you manage a website that is very slow and have no idea why? Wondering why your website is so terribly slow? And whether it matters to Google? Yes, besides having good content, site speed is one of the most important parts of your website. Visitors like that they can read, search or do something quickly on a website. But what exactly is site speed?

What is site speed ?

Another word for site speed is page speed. Site speed refers to how long a website takes to load. If you are looking for information or products online, you like it when Google offers you the right website. You also like it when it leads you to a good quality website. One of the measures that Google looks at is the site speed.

How come my website is so slow?

SchoutenSEO was regularly told: my website is really slow, I don’t get it. Why is my website so slow and my competitor’s so fast? Every website is unique! Although some websites may look almost the same, there is always something unique! And if anything else, it affects the performance of the website. The site speed is a measure of whether the website is slow or fast. There are several things that determine the speed of your website. By doing a site speed analysis, we can find out why your website or webshop is so slow and more importantly what can be done to improve it! Do you want to know what the culprits are and do you want to improve the page speed? Please contact us via [email protected] or 06 – 20 34 63 07 and we are happy to help you.

Is site speed important to Google?

In 2020, most visitors expect a website to load within +/- 3 to 5 seconds. If it takes longer, many visitors leave the website and look further. Perhaps with the competitor and of course we do not want that. As visitors are increasingly accustomed to websites loading quickly, page speed has therefore become increasingly important. When something becomes more and more important for the visitors, in most cases it also becomes more important for Google and ultimately influences your position in Google.

Are you a website owner and does the problem sound familiar?

Do you see that your website does not load quickly and that visitors quickly leave your website, but have no idea why? We at SchoutenSEO would like to help you optimize your page speed.

What can SchoutenSEO do for you in the area of ​​site speed?

Are you experiencing problems with the page speed of your website, but you have no idea what it is? Or maybe you have already done everything to improve the speed, but the website is still too slow?  SchoutenSEO can determine the problem or problems by means of an analysis. We offer different forms of site speed analysis, since every situation is different.

Interested in an analysis?

Please contact SchoutenSEO on 06 – 20 34 63 07 or via [email protected] .

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