Need an SEO content coach?

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Do you have a team of content writers or employees who write texts for your website or webshop, but do it all in a different way. And no idea if they are doing well? Would you like them all to know why SEO is important? Do they understand the minimum SEO basis and use a fixed structure within your webshop? Then hire an SEO content coach from SchoutenSEO!

Why is SEO important?

In 2020, more and more websites are coming online, more websites means more competition. As competition increases, it is even more important to do SEO today. By doing SEO, you ensure that you are better found in Google. A better position in Google ensures more visitors to your websites, more brand awareness and more sales. Do you want to know how your website or webshop is doing compared to your competitors? Click here to take a look at our SEO service SEO competition analysis.

What is an SEO content coach?

An SEO content coach is someone who understands SEO, but also content. Someone who can train teams, but also individuals such as freelancers, to write good SEO proof content. Jenny Schouten is an SEO content coach, with 5+ years of experience. She started as a content specialist and knows better than anyone how to combine content and SEO. View her LinkedIn profile here !

What can you expect from a coach?

A SchoutenSEO SEO content coach trains and guides teams remotely, but can also provide this service on location. First, the basic level of the team is estimated and based on that, an SEO content approach is created. When there is a team of 5 or more, project management documents will also be created. Project management documents create clarity for everyone in the team, what the expectations are and the ultimate goals. We know from experience how important it is to document everything and it also creates a good basis for management to follow the progress.

Individual coaching

In addition to training and guiding teams, an SEO content coach can also train individual content writers, employees or freelancers. Are you starting your own business or starting your website, but you have no idea how to write good texts? No problem, SchoutenSEO can teach you! So you don’t have to have a whole team in-house to hire an SEO content coach from SchoutenSEO. It is also possible as a freelancer!

Training for SEO content?

In addition to this SEO service, we also offer various SEO training courses at SchoutenSEO, such as: – SEO basic training “How do I write SEO proof content for my website?” – SEO advanced training …… .. Are you interested in following an SEO training? Visit our page about SEO training here.

Hire an SEO content coach?

Do you want to hire Jenny Schouten or SchoutenSEO as an SEO content coach? Or do you want more information. Please contact us on 06 – 20 34 63 07 or send an e-mail to [email protected] .

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