SEO competition analysis

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Where do you stand with your competitors? Do you have a webshop or E-commerce website and do you depend on the turnover of your website? Or is your web store an important source of income. Then it is important to know who your competitors are. An SEO competition analysis by SchoutenSEO offers the solution. If you have done this, then you know exactly how you are doing and what actions you need to take to grow!

What is an SEO competition analysis?

An SEO competition analysis is an analysis where we will look: How your company is compared to your competitors!

What can you expect?

In the SEO competition analysis you get a clear picture of your competitors, by means of a graph. The graph shows you where you stand in relation to your competitors. Are you well above your competitors or perhaps far below your competitors?

What if you are worse off than your competitors?

If you are in worse shape, let’s find out the reasons for this position. When we have a clear picture of the competitive situation, we will develop an SEO competition strategy. In this SEO competition strategy, we are going to set goals to match or even overtake the competitor! In short, we will ensure that your turnover increases and that of the competitor decreases ?

What if you are in good or better shape?

If you are well or even better off, you can choose to do something and only take action when the competitors come close. SchoutenSEO prefers to look at ways of: how can I grow even more? Or how can I make the difference even bigger and stay even further for my competitor! If you grow even more, you will get even more visitors, more sales and ultimately more turnover!

Why an SEO competition analysis?

We already hear you thinking, why should I have an SEO competition analysis done? I know who my competitors are. Often companies already have an image of who their competitors are, but does this image also reflect reality? We have seen regularly that a company’s online competitors turned out to be different from customer expectations. Companies had competitors that they were not aware of at all or there were companies that performed much better online than they expected. Never assume that you are doing much better than your competitors, but rely on hard data. Measuring is knowing!

Am I going to earn this back?

Anyone who has done an SEO competition analysis so far has earned his money back and forth. By having an SEO competition analysis performed, you will gain insight into what your competitors are doing online. So you can anticipate this and adjust your strategy, to ultimately increase your sales! As far as I know, every entrepreneur wants to increase his turnover and ensure that everyone comes to him and not to the competitor. Growth of your website is assured if you do an SEO competition analysis and listen to the strategy and advice!

Do you want SchoutenSEO to map your competitors?

Please contact SchoutenSEO. We can be reached by phone, on 06 – 20 34 63 07 or by mail at  [email protected] Send an email with the following information: – the name of your company – the url of your website – the names of your competitors – the URLs of your competitors’ websites – your contact details As soon as we have received your details, we will contact you as soon as possible. Haven’t you heard in two days? Then call us and we will immediately process your request. Isn’t this what you are looking for? View our other SEO services here.