Local SEO, is my company found locally?

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SEO can be carried out at different levels, namely local, national and international level. But what do we mean by local SEO? Why is it important to be found locally? Can you do local SEO if you don’t have a website? And how does that work?

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is search engine optimization at the local level.
This form of SEO focuses on the fact that you are well-liked in your current local environment.
That you are found above your local competitors.

For whom and why is local SEO important?

Local SEO is especially important for small, local entrepreneurs such as bakeries, florists, café, butchers, supermarkets, restaurants and so on. Why? These businesses rely on local customers, people who are close to their businesses. You do not drive three hours for one brown bread, you prefer to do this at the local bakery or supermarket!

Moreover, local SEO can also help you attract more tourists to your company. This is interesting if you own a café or restaurant, because who wouldn’t want their terrace to be full of people who are on holiday and want to enjoy. We have to help these people a little, because in most cases they are not known in the city or region. If you are not known, go Googling and if they go Googling it is all too important that they find you! But what if you don’t have a website?

Can you do local SEO if you don’t have a website?

Hell yes! You do n’t need a website to be found locally . Huh ?! How? Then sign up for the SEO training: “Local SEO without a website” . If you follow this SEO training, you will learn how to put your company on the map locally, without having a website.

If you still have a website and want to be found better locally? Then we have the SEO training: “Local SEO with website?”

Do you want to know more about local SEO?

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