Content analysis, see how your content scores!

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What is a content analysis? What is content? What can you expect from such an analysis?
If you have a website, web store or blog, you have content. But what is the quality of that content?
Is the content written in such a way that Google can read it well or are there still many points for improvement, which can give you an even higher position in Google and other search engines?
Contact SchoutenSEO and receive an analysis with a plan of action.

What is a content analysis?

A content analysis is an analysis in which all content of a website is viewed critically.
The content receives a score, a positive score or negative score in various areas.
In addition, recommendations are given on how to improve these scores and next time perhaps 100% score on specific parts and the most positive case on all SEO content scores!

What is content?

Content is another word for content or text.
Within the SEO industry we almost always talk about content and by that we mean:

  • information pages
  • news articles
  • category texts
  • article descriptions and / or product descriptions
  • blogs

What can I expect from a content analysis from SchoutenSEO?

SchoutenSEO considers it important to provide services that customers can start using immediately.
SchoutenSEO’s content analysis is one such SEO service. When SchoutenSEO does a content analysis, we do an analysis of all content that is currently on the website. We will then assess them in various areas and give recommendations for each part, in order to get the SEO score to a maximum score.

If you request a content analysis from SchoutenSEO, you will receive it in the form of a live presentation on location or digitally via Skype or Google hangout. During this presentation, we present all results and you can ask a question at any time. When we have announced all the results, we send the presentation and implementation documents and you can start working on it, outsource it to copywriters or outsource it to us.

When is the best time to have an analysis made?

You can actually have a content analysis made at any time.
But what is a good time? Below we mention two good moments and we also mention moments when you should not do it!

Two good moments:

  • when you have switched content systems, you know exactly how you are doing.
    You can also call this a content zero meeting of your new website.
  • when you have a slightly quieter period, so that everything can be optimized for the peak period

It is always wise to consider whether there is also enough time to deal with things.

When not to do it!

You shouldn’t have an analysis done when you switch systems, when you don’t have anyone to process the recommendations, or when you start posting a lot of new content. In case you are going to post new content, but have no idea what the content should meet? Then it is useful to engage an SEO content coach or to follow the training:… ..

Interested in a content analysis?

Do you want SchoutenSEO to assess your website content? That we are going to say whether you are considered good or bad. What can you do if you are found bad or what you can do to make your content even more findable? Please contact SchoutenSEO on 06 – 20 34 63 07 or via  [email protected] .

TIP: When you contact us by email, it is useful to mention your website in the email!

Isn’t this what you are looking for?

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