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SEO services from SchoutenSEO

How do I get to the top of Google?

“How do I get to the top of Google?” That is a question we hear every day at SchoutenSEO, because who wouldn’t want to be at the top with their website or webshop? Everyone! But what if you are already at the top of Google with your company name, will you be at the top with your entire website or just with your company name? We explain it to you and how you can ensure that your site can reach the top of Google…

Need an SEO content coach?

Do you have a team of content writers or employees who write texts for your website or webshop, but do it all in a different way. And no idea if they are doing well? Would you like them all to know why SEO is important? Do they understand the minimum SEO basis and use a fixed structure within your webshop? Then hire an SEO content coach from SchoutenSEO!..

Content analysis, see how your content scores!

What is a content analysis? What is content? What can you expect from such an analysis?
If you have a website, web store or blog, you have content. But what is the quality of that content?
Is the content written in such a way that Google can read it well or are there still many points for improvement, which can give you an even higher position in Google and other search engines?
Contact SchoutenSEO and receive an analysis with a plan of action…

SEO competition analysis, where do you stand with your competitors?

Do you have a webshop or E-commerce website and do you depend on the turnover of your website?
Or is your web store an important source of income. Then it is important to know who your competitors are. An SEO competition analysis by SchoutenSEO offers the solution. If you have done this, then you know exactly how you are doing and what actions you need to take to grow!..

Local SEO, is my company found locally?

SEO can be carried out at different levels, namely local, national and international level. But what do we mean by local SEO? Why is it important to be found locally? Can you do local SEO if you don’t have a website? And how does that work?..

Improve the site speed of your website?

Do you manage a website that is very slow and have no idea why?
Wondering why your website is so terribly slow? And whether it matters to Google?
Yes, besides having good content, site speed is one of the most important parts of your website. Visitors like that they can read, search or do something quickly on a website. But what exactly is site speed?..